Appearance as Witness to the
Senate Committee on National Security and Defence
Study and report on security threats facing Canada
16 February 2015
(Senate Hearing, Victoria Building Ottawa)
Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh, former Premier of B.C. and Balraj Deol (Toronto)
Senate Committee Members:
Sen. Daniel Lang (Chair - Ontario),
Member Senators: Jean-Guy Dagnais (Quebec), Than Hai Ngo (Ontario),
Lynn Beyak (Ontario), Joesph Day (Ontario), Carolyn Stewart-Olsen (New Brunswick),
Marie P. Charlette-Poulin ( Ontario), Colin Kenny (Ontario), Vernon White (Ontario)

Click on the document to read the Opening Statement from Dave Hayer (pdf)
Click here to read the Transcript of the Afternoon Session, Monday February 16, 2015 (pdf)

To view Dave's Presentation, click here, and start at 2hrs 50 minutes.


With Sen. Daniel Lang (Chair of Senate Committee National Security and Defence,
Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh (former Premier of B.C.) and fellow witness Balraj Deol (Toronto).

At left, a visit to Senator Yonah Martin's Ottawa Office.